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Vintage Notebook and Feather Pen Set

Vintage Notebook and Feather Pen Set

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This gorgeous 11-piece Vintage Notebook and Feather Pen Set is a perfect gift for a journaling enthusiast or a stationery addict (or anyone with good taste!)

This gift set includes: 

  • A lovely vintage-style, refillable A5 notebook (45-sheet kraft paper refills included)
  • A gorgeous, steampunk-inspired feather pen with stainless steel details and nib (which can either be used as a dip pen or a fountain pen)
  • A matching pen stand for the feather pen
  • A brass wax seal stamp with a polished wooden handle
  • A gold wax stick
  • 5 ink cartridges  (2 with black ink, 2 with blue ink, 1 with red ink)
  • A retro-style ink bottle to hold your ink (ink is not included to avoid spills during shipping)
  • A lovely gift box

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mark F.

Waited a while for this to be delivered. Disappointed as purchased it for a gift and when I opened it, was missing the wax stick.

Leslie J.

Much better than I expected, the quality of the product is very good.

Peter B.

The package arrived quickly. It's delivery caught me by surprise.
Once I opened it to check all was intact, because it is intended to be a gift for a special Grandchild.
I was dismayed to discover the ink capsules were loose in the box.
The big surprise was the feather tip was ruffled, because it had not been arranged to prevent damage.
I'm not too concerned about the details of the packaging, but would recommend a better secure method
to prevent damage. Never-the- less, I am happy with its content.
Regards Peter.W.B.

Anthony G.

Awesome product. Very sturdy, well made. Nice weight and writes sooooo good.

ashton z.

i do enjoy it buy the quill is a bit uncomfortable in the hand and tends to go lop sided. the stand seems cheap and can barely hold the pen unless its moved a specific way. it writes nicely tho. the book is nice but on how its being held together seems cheap and makes it very hard to write in because of its shape. but the wax is nice and so is the wax stamp. the ink is nice too. the pen dose like to leak when using the cartages and unless its by design the nib like to pop out when trying to put in a new ink cartridge. its an okay product but for its price its way to much.